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Blinded – Retrieval, Inc. Series – Book 3

Blinded – Retrieval, Inc. Series – Book 3

The most dangerous threats of all are those you’re blind to…

Charlie Hart and Mitch Saunders’ new case couldn’t come at a worse time. Thomas Weihle continues to torment them both from behind bars and the stress of testifying against him is taking its toll. Things go from bad to worse when District Attorney Gerty Kolacsko’s sister disappears without a trace. With Gerty’s focus divided, they risk the unthinkable—letting that monster go free.

Mitch and Charlie have no choice but to take the case before Retrieval, Inc. is even up and running, and Leah’s perilous situation triggers their worst fears. Someone close to her is trying to kill her. In poor health and completely blindsided, she doesn’t know who to trust or where to hide. Can she get to safety before her body gives out?

Meanwhile, Charlie is hiding a secret that will change everything. This time she can’t run, but she’ll be damned if she’s trapped again—even if Mitch refuses to let her go.

“Blinded is a beautifully written tale wrought with suspense, intrigue, and danger. JB Schroeder adopts a wonderfully descriptive tone leaving lasting impressions of all she describes. This book is full of twist and turns and interesting characters all enhanced by a well-developed plot.” —Bookbub Reviewer, 5 Stars

Award Winning Author

J.B. Schroeder

My romantic suspense stories have been called gritty, although I'm still not sure that's exactly the right adjective. I tend to blend suspense and romance, yet there's an element of women's fiction, a certain something that is hard to pin down. Whether there's a name for it, or not, I hope you enjoy. I hope my books touch you and leave something memorable behind...

Book Series by JB Schroeder

Retrieval, Inc. Series
The Unlikely Series
Ticket to True Love Series

"Another romantic thriller by my fav author!!! I love the characters and steamy tension, the villain never disappoints and there’s always a crazy twist! JB delivers realistic suspense wrapped up in a love story that you can’t get enough of!! While I couldn’t read fast enough I’m now so sad the book is over! I’m always wanting more of her delicious story telling! This book is a gift from cover to cover."

Stephanie S. Reviewer Undone

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