Welcome! I’m JB Schroeder. In other places you’ll find a rather official-sounding bio. Here on my own site, I hope to give you something a bit more personal….

I’m one of those people who lived for Sunday trips to the library growing up, and whose favorite classes were english and writing. In fact, I attended Penn State knowing I wanted to be an author (eventually). With a degree in creative writing, I landed a job at a publisher in New York City. Not in editing, but in production, which led to design, which fed my creative soul and my bookshelves for a long time…

Eventually I returned to writing and discovered RWA and NJRW in 2000, even as my husband and I grew our family and built our careers. In time, I was able to make writing more of a priority. I’m proud to have celebrated my debut and first romantic suspense, RUNAWAY, in 2015.

My romantic suspense stories have been called gritty, although I’m still not sure that’s exactly the right adjective. I tend to blend suspense and romance, yet there’s an element of women’s fiction, a certain something that is hard to pin down. Whether there’s a name for it, or not, I hope you enjoy. I hope my books touch you and leave something memorable behind…

I’ve also branched into contemporary romance with the TICKET TO TRUE LOVE series and am loving writing in this subgenre as well! It’s all about new paths, second chances, and fresh beginnings, and of course about finding true love in unexpected places! I’ve invited other amazing and well-loved writers to join me and so we’ll be bringing you many stories to enjoy!

Please do sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you updated, and I’d love to hear from you either via my contact page or through social media.  Thank you, dear reader, for visiting my website!