XANADU XOXO is a Finalist for Short Contemporary in the NJ Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest!

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Scoop Archives

This story came out in the early and scary days of the pandemic, so it really flew under the radar–even though it’s such a great story of hope and resilience and family. So very thrilled for it to get a little love now! Huge thank you to New Jersey Romance Writers

Floundering artist Jonah and aspiring business owner Kalpani have nothing in common besides the building they are at war over and some serious chemistry. How can they possibly stay true to their opposing dreams and stay together?

? “Richly layered with culture and family tradition, JB Schroeder’s Xanadu XOXO is the story of Kalpani, a young, modern businesswoman who believes that there is no room for the complications and messiness of love in her mapped-out, goal-driven plan for her future. But then she meets Jonah, a handsome, appealing artist, with a kind heart and an eager smile. Life gets deliciously complicated and increasingly messy in this charming, heartfelt read you won’t want to put down!” ~M. Kate Quinn, Award-Winning Author


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