Second Chance Love Affair

Darcy didn’t walk away from Jeremy, she ran. How can he possibly trust her again?

Jeremy’s Pittsburgh music club will tank without a sell-his-soul kind of cash infusion. When his ex-college girlfriend—practically a billionaire—turns up with an offer too good to be true, he suspects a hidden agenda.

Darcy was robbed of a career and so much more, however investing in Jeremy’s club would jump start the new beginning she desperately needs. And she does have a hidden agenda: forgiveness, because she’s never gotten over Jeremy—her one true love.

Is working together in close proximity too great of a risk to their battered hearts—or worth the shot at a second chance?

A secret tore them apart, but the dream of a new beginning provides a second chance in this up-all-night, feel-good romance!

~ Finalist in the 2021 CROW National Excellence in Story Telling Contest for Contemporary novels ~

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“Who’s the billionaire? Darcy is! When she and Jeremy find their way to a second chance, they’ll have to overcome past hurts in this opposites-attract romance.”

Savannah Kade

Maggie Award-winning Author of Dark Falls Romantic Suspense

“Perfect for a light escape during trying times and definitely belongs on your summer reading list. I am a big fan of this author’s work and now the Ticket to True Love series.”


Goodreads Reviewer