Making Forever with You

Miles is stuck under an entire town's expectations. And Adele just stole his escape plan...

At the onset of World War II, Adele Bennes has one goal: save enough money to get to Paris… or maybe Copenhagen. It doesn’t matter as long as she saves fast and travels far.

Miles Hoffman has had enough of what True Springs offers: the loss of his father and stepfather, a barely-squeaking-by farm that everyone depends on, and an enlistment ticket he can’t punch.

Though Miles and Adele can’t deny their love, obligations turn their futures upside down and rip them apart. Can they find their way back to each other? Will their love be strong enough to survive secrets, betrayal, and distance? Is it big enough to spark a legend?

Making Forever with You is a prequel to the Love That Lasts series. This short historical novella tells the story behind the Legend of True Springs and a love big enough to create magic for the ages!

~Winner of the Short Length category of the 2022 National Excellence in Story Telling (NEST) Contest! ~


(eBook available everywhere. Paperback to come.)


“What a sweet story! She has dreams of traveling. He has a farm to run to support his family. Their story, set during World War II, tests their love through separation, though not in a way that most readers, including me, would have thought. I loved these two! And with all Ticket to Love books, you can count on an HEA – and a very satisfying one at that!”

Susan H.

Goodreads Reviewer