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Unlikely Series – Book 1


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“An amazingly twisted suspense with an ending I would never have guessed, and I pride myself on figuring out endings (and ruining the story for myself.) Loved the chemistry, the conflicts and the villain’s downward spiral as horrific events ramped up. Very interested to see where this series is going. Highly recommend–this won’t take you long, because you won’t be able to put it down.” ~Sarah Andre, Romantic Suspense RITA Award Finalist

“Aptly named, Unhinged takes us down a dark and winding path of ‘who done it,’ except we’re told who about halfway through. If you think that’s going to kill the suspense, think again. Schroeder keeps us guessing when it comes to both the villain’s motives and the sexy as sin relationship between Tori and Aiden. A recommended read.” ~Books & Benches

Award Winning Author

J.B. Schroeder

My romantic suspense stories have been called gritty, although I’m still not sure that’s exactly the right adjective. I tend to blend suspense and romance, yet there’s an element of women’s fiction, a certain something that is hard to pin down. Whether there’s a name for it, or not, I hope you enjoy. I hope my books touch you and leave something memorable behind…

New Release!

ENTIRE Ticket to True Love SERIES NOW IN Kindle Unlimited!

ENTIRE Ticket to True Love SERIES NOW IN Kindle Unlimited!

ENTIRE Ticket to True Love SERIES NOW IN Kindle Unlimited!

While we loooovveeed our gorgeous original covers, it turned out we were all writing kinda…steamy! So hot men on the new covers, it is!

Here’s three of mine (I’ve also got Montana above, and Secrets of True Springs co-written with Savannah Kade.

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Book Series by JB Schroeder

Retrieval, Inc. Series
The Unlikely Series
Ticket to True Love Series

"A wonderfully heart-warming story…filled with heartbreaks, trust issues, new beginnings, and love. I love all the characters, they are more real because of their flaws."

Teresa Goodreads Reviewer Xanadu XOXO

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Ticket to True Love authors now have a FAN PAGE

Ticket to True Love authors now have a FAN PAGE

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